Social Media Fame

To be famous used to mean that you had some sort of talent. However, since the Kardashians rose to fame around 2006 being considered famous has become easier. People are rising to fame through apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. 


A few weeks ago if someone said the name Charlie D’Amelio, no one would know who you were talking about. In October she posted a video of her dancing and it went viral. She now has over 5 million followers on Tik Tok, and is posting even more videos. She’s only 15 years old. She’s traveling all across the country doing meet and greets, dancing on stage as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers, and she even started a YouTube channel.  Her life has completely changed because of a video of her dancing. People now consider her a celebrity.


There are all sorts of people just like Charlie D’Amelio, they are famous because of one viral video, or they have a lot of followers. Does having more than 1,000 followers really make you a celebrity? Many people who rose to fame through social media have tried doing other things. Many have tried modeling, singing, and acting, however very few have actually stuck with it. Most influencers aren’t taken seriously if they try to do something new. 


Not every social media influencer lets the fame go to their head. Many have that they are grateful to have such a big audience, but if they hadn’t made it on social media they’d still be doing it. They wouldn’t call themselves a celebrity. However, the influencers that would do it no matter what are not the ones that everyone is talking about. 


A lot of influencers have said that if they could they would go back in time and never start doing social media. They said that they constantly felt pressured by their followers. Many Instagram models have said that the feeling of fame wasn’t very genuine. They always had to do everything right and if they a mistake it could mess up their whole career. Sometimes it seemed like everyone forgot that they were real people who go through things both good and bad, and it was worse because they had to go through it in front of everyone. Many have said that they felt like everyone gave them too much power and influence. 


It does take a certain level of talent to make a video that could go viral, but it doesn’t really make you a celebrity. You shouldn’t have more influence on people because your a good dancer. Real fame comes from being talented at something that really matters. You could be a famous comedian, actress, singer, artist. Would you really wanna be famous for a video of you lip singing, and be held to a higher standard than everyone else?