LeBron James is Literally God Tier

LeBron James has done it yet again. He is undoubtedly the best human being to ever play the game of basketball. Here’s why.


To set the scene; it is a warm, Los Angeles evening, it is the Nineteenth of November, Two Thousand and Nineteen. LeBron James is in his seventeenth year of playing professional basketball. The stage is set. LeBron had, before this night, only gotten a “triple double” against twenty nine out of the thirty NBA teams. The only team that was keeping him from getting a triple double against every single NBA team was the Oklahoma City Thunder. 


On the nineteenth LeBrons’s current team, the Los Angeles Lakers, just so happened to be playing the Thunder. LeBron most definitely made the most of his oppurtunity to make history, and finished the game with Twenty Five points, Eleven rebounds, and Ten assists. The triple double that was ever so elusive to him, was finally his. On this night he became the first ever player in the history of the NBA to have a triple double against every single team. 


This preformance won’t change any doubters minds surely, but the accomplishment is still nice to have, and very impressive. Of course, I happen to be quite biased because I grew up with LeBron and his greatness. LeBron quickly became my favorite basketball player solely because of his dominance and the presence he brought to the court. Many hate him because of this “presence,” but they also cannot deny how dominant he is.


A lot of these doubters also try and undercut his achievements. A lot have ridiculous arguments that pick apart his every mistake. Picking apart things like his free throw shooting or the decline in his defensive percentage in recent years are pretty popular among these doubters. Yet his numbers are still better than everyone else in the league. As I said before this is his seventeenth season and he’s doing these things, which is absolutely unheard of from anyone else that has ever played. 


LeBron takes all the love, and the hate, in stride though. He has said before that he believes he is the best, and that is exactly what he is. Whether you argue about his rings or his free throws or whatever, he always has about twenty other things he’s great at that make up for it.