Miracle Rock Disappears and Then Comes Back Home

One ton rock disappears, and miraculously reappears one month later. That’s not something you hear everyday. The rock has been on the side of highway 89 in Arizona for years. The miracle rock is a black boulder with quartzs running through it. It’s actually quite a beautiful rock. 


Trails and wilderness manager Jason Williams said that the only way to move the rock would be with machinery. People driving by the highway more than likely saw someone working with the machinery and assumed that it was authorized, so no one reported it. 


Surprisingly this is not the only rock to go missing. In 2009 a heart shaped rock that weighs 80 pounds, was taken from Granite Mountain Wilderness Park. The rock was later returned and the thief said that they only returned it because everyone was posting about it. When they stole it they didn’t realize how much it meant to people. 


Officials at the park where the miracle rock was taken from are asking for the public’s help in tracking down whoever took it. It’s illegal to take things from a National Forest without a permit, and a violation could result in a $5,000 fine or 6 months in jail. 


The machinery that was used was used to take the rock was probably really expensive. My question is why spend money to steal a rock only to return it? The quartz in the rock is estimated to be worth about $200. I’m happy the rock was returned, but the fact that it was taken in the first place is kind of ridiculous. Who woke up one morning and decided that they were gonna steal a rock? What made them return the rock?