Another Rapper Conspiracy

Anthony Higgins, more commonly known as Juice Wrld died only a few days ago on December 3 at the Advocate Christ Medical Center. It is currently unknown how Higgins died, it was a seizure but drugs might have been the real cause. He had 41 bags of unknown drugs but it was speculated to be liquid codeine, marijuana, and 3 firearms. It is believed that he overdosed on something because a security guard had to administer Narcan to Higgins, Narcan is used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. 

A lot of fans though don’t believe he actually died. They believe that he faked his death like they do with most rappers. Their first reasoning behind why he faked his death was a tweet that said, “My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple of years..then fake my death.” Out of all of this is probably the most convincing evidence. They then began to look through lyrics like “We ain’t making it past 21.” from his song Legends. Fans are also saying that people have predicted his death because of a tik tok trend where people would pretend to have a seizure. This one out of all the reasons behind this theory is the worst. Another lyric they use behind this theory is “I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon.” from his song, All Girls Are the Same. John Lennon had died on December 3rd too, so they believe that his death was planned. They believe that his plane never actually went to Chicago where he died it went to the Bahamas instead. They believe that nobody with the name Anthony Higgins was admitted to the hospital he went to. 

This actually happens often. When xxxTentacion died many people had believed he faked his death. This happens with a lot of artists and rappers. I think most people would rather believe a conspiracy than the truth, but could Juice Wrld actually do it? The first thing about faking your death is that it requires a lot of money. At least $30,000 because you have to hire a professional to erase your physical and digital trails. You also need enough money to launch your new life or if you really want to go far enough to change your appearance with plastic surgery or something else. It’s been reported that Juice Wrld that he had 3 million dollars on his debut album, so he definitely has the money to do it. But has he made too much money to just disappear? You have to have fewer assets and little money because it makes it easier to disappear. It never says how much but it has to be enough to get on your feet and to survive off of cash and prepaid credit cards. It also takes a lot of planning but it seems he has been doing that. It is very possible that he could’ve but I think this is just another conspiracy to help people cope with his death. Overall it is up to you to decide what you believe.