Privacy is something the people of America love to have but can’t really get. Have you ever wondered why if you’re talking to someone about something specific, that same thing you were talking about shows up on your Facebook Ads? It’s because our phone, somehow, hears what we say and it “provides” in the best way possible to make our “dreams come true”. However, in my opinion, I think that is kind of a frightening fact. It proves that whatever you say, type, or text on your phone is never private. The government and whoever else wants to hack your cell phone, can and will. 

It’s not only cell phones. Some families have wired home security devices and cameras around their house that can also get hacked into. Burglar’s can hack, deactivate the alarm, and get your possessions without leaving one trace of who they are. Burglar’s and hackers can also see every single move you and your family make, so be careful when walking around your house naked. According to an article published by Forbes, DVRs are also susceptible to getting hacked. Before buying a video surveillance security system always read the reviews and keep in mind not only the pros but the cons of the device. You would not want your great grandmother’s fine china stolen because of a choice you made. 

Another device that can get hacked is obviously your computer. People hack computers daily and most of the time get away with it. According to Hosting Tribunal, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds and 300,000 new malware is created everyday. If you do the math, one day you or a loved one will get hacked sometime in your life. An economic standpoint that will make some go berserk is the fact that cybercrime is more profitable than the global illegal drug trade. About 24.6 million people in america have used drugs in the past thirty days according to USGov. Think about that. You can make more money by hacking a device rather than selling drugs in the United States. 

Realistically, not all devices you own will get hacked into and leave you murdered on the side of the road, but they will still continue to give you less and less privacy. This is why counselors, teachers, and parents always tell their children to be careful what they post. Whatever you post, whether you delete it or not, it will always be out there waiting for the right moment to bite you in the butthole.