Uh Oh Stinky Onion Man

For years a YouTuber under the name of Onision has not been one to shy away from controversy. For years he had accused ton of YouTubers of extremely serious accusations. For example, he accused a very popular YouTuber, Shane Dawson, of being a predator to his young audience. It was all a lie and he kept running with it, but later on said on a live stream he didn’t want to bother the police with false accusations. He admitted that it was all a lie but, for some reason he still never quite apologized. He did for a moment, but still insisted it was all true. Really his apology was just for getting caught, not for slandering a man for a serious accusation.

Although, that is the controversy most people know him for; his first one happened way back in 2009. The video was titled Murder Eaters. In the video he called out many big YouTubers at the time that ate meat and called them out for their diets and proceeded to call them “murderers”. He said that all of this was “facts”. This video shows how ignorant he is and how much he hates people who just disagree with him. It was just the start of the manipulation and the immaturity of his character. 

His next big controversy was in 2012. At this point he was starting to slowly lose popularity. People like Pewdiepie and Smosh where on the rise and starting to become more popular. When Onision realized he was starting to disappear off the platform, in a moment of desperation he decided to pose a video called Your Emo Problems (Rise Above It). In this video he attacked people who were battling with depression and saying that it was their fault for, well, being depressed. He mocked abuse victims. He responded to a girl who said she is having suicidal thoughts because of her mother’s verbal abuse, that it is her fault for feeling that way. Call me crazy but no decent human beings would say that to someone who is thinking about ending their lives. It didn’t end there in 2012. His ex girlfriend came out and had accused him of forcing sex upon her and rape. Which he responded with saying that she had sex with 20 other men before her, saying shes a slut. That was his excuse. 

People started to make videos on him and expose him for who he really was. In 2015-2016 more popular people started to really attack him and his channel suffered because of it. On June 10th 2016 YouTuber Christina Grimmie had been murdered. Everyone had come together to give their condolences, but Onision felt like he had to give his opinion on the situation by posting on his Twitter. He was criticizing people who were praying for her family, saying God had nothing to do with this, then going on to insult YouTubers and accusing them of fake sympathy. Even if your not religious you need to let people do what they think will help. If they think it’s going to help, then why not let them do it? It’s not going to hurt anybody if they pray. More videos where made dragging Onision. He lost respect in the community. It also came out he was abusing his current girlfriend. 

There are countless of other controversies that has surrounded his name, but to end on a good note, he is slowly getting knocked down. More recently people have been fighting tooth and nail to get him punished for his actions, and people got together and were able to get his Patreon taken down, the main source of his cash. Finally the reign of this evil man is coming to an end.