Browns Next Move

As of right now there are at least 20 teams, including almost every potential playoff team, seriously interested in signing wide receiver Antonio Brown. According to the three general managers who were asked which teams they believe might sign the former Steeler, Raider and Patriot, who is in the football status as the NFL investigates sexual assault allegations. As many people already know Brown was accused of sexual assault by a woman he had haired to paint him. She claimed that Brown has come out of the bathroom after taking a shower with nothing but a towel covering himself. The woman then said that she rejected Brown’s actions but he began to force them on her. 


The only potential playoff team that executives believed would not sign Brown would be New England, who dumped him earlier this season. Teams largely believe Brown is still a transformational talent on the field. And indeed his 841 career receptions are the second most of any receiver, behind Larry Fitzgerald’s 844 since he entered the NFL in 2010. But there is another side to this equation, according to the GMs, and that is Browns troubling behavior. From the very serious allegations of sexual assault to the very silly but professionally damaging posts he’s submitted on social media. Brown has turned off a handful of teams as well. 


“There are teams disgusted by what he’s doing.” one AFC general managers said. Still the GM admitted “ he is drawing a lot of interest but a lot of teams wish he would just shut up.” If Brown would just stay off Twitter and stop doin it for the ‘Gram, every team would eventually try to sign him, the same GM said. That’s how valuable he is to many franchises. Thus Brown, perhaps the best wide receiver of his generation remains in an odd, complicated situation. First are his legal problems which still as of right now have not been confirmed as to if he commited the crime or not. Even so, a large number of teams, according to these general managers, would sign Brown now if the NFL weren’t looking into the matter. 


Lots of teams are interested in Brown, as of right now the main concern is will the legal cases be closed, will he be found guilty of the accusations and the second concern would be what team will Brown eventually decide to sign too. As it was said earlier there are dozens of teams interested in Brown and not signing him would be a big loss for certain teams but an amazing gain for the team that does sign him.