Good Omens Review

Good Omens is an Amazon original series that is based on a book by the same name. It came out on May 31, 2019. It is starring Micheal Sheen (known for his roles as Arthur in passengers) and David Tennant (known for playing the doctor in Doctor Who). They both play their parts wonderfully. Micheal plays as a punctual angel names Aziraphale. David plays a nonchalant demon names Crowley.


In the show Aziraphale and Crowley are an angel and a demon stationed on earth. They were there since the Garden of Eden and Crowley actually was the one to tempt Adam and Eve to eat the apple. They start the show with them saying, wouldn’t it be funny if the demon did the good thing and the angel did the bad?


The angels and demons throughout the show are following a thing called the great plan, which is basically a prophecy that all humans will die and then all the angels and demons will fight in a war and see who is really stronger. Well Aziraphale and Crowley think that the great plan is stupid and idiotic. As well as they want to stay on earth. They love it, so their main goal is to stop the great plan and get things back to the way they were. 


The great plan is were Satan’s son will be planted on earth and then when he is 11, they will cause the world to end. Surprisingly though, in the show you follow the storyline of the antichrist, named Adam. Adam has some friends and they call themselves, The Them. They all are good friends and once Adam starts to get closer to 11 then things start to change between them all.


There is also some other characters you follow. They are a witch, and a witch hunter. The witch, Anathema Device, is a descendant of a great witch named Angus Nutter. She could predict the future, so the family got a book of prophecies that was passed down for generations, so she studied them and then went on a mission to stop the antichrist from ending the world. The witch hunter, Newton Plusifer, is the descendant of Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer which was the witch hunter who killed Agnus Nutter. He is cursed and struggles to keep a job. He finds a man claims to be a witch hunter. He immediately takes interest and works for him, stumbling into Anathema. Surprise surprise, he falls in love and helps her find the Antichrist.


At one point in the show, all of the characters meet up and all help each other in their quest to save humanity and the world. Personally I love this show because the show starts off with almost the end. The first episode is the span of 11 years and the rest of the episode are in the span of a week. All of the characters are drastically different and the diversity in the show is amazing. I highly recommend the show.