The Russians Won’t Stop Cheating

The Russian Olympic and Soccer teams have been banned in their upcoming events because they were caught doping… again. The Russians have been caught doping and trying to get a leg up on the competition about a million times now, and they’ve also been caught about a million times. The sad thing is that no one is really surprised by it anymore. This is a common situation. 


Doping is an institution in Russia. A real institution that makes money and is ran by the government. They not only cheat with the doping but they also defraud the Russian people who I’m sure could care less about how well they do in the Olympic games or in FIFA Soccer or whatever they do. In fact, I know, that they’d much rather eat, or not live in poverty. Russia during the Cold War era was the exact same. They cared much more about sports and flashy looks than their own people and their wellbeing. 


These facts are aside from the point. The point is that doping is such an institution there that it will never be stopped and they are now just a country of cheaters and muscleheads that are too convinced they should be the ones winning. So instead of actually competing, they juice up and don’t leave anything up to chance. Then, they slaughter everyone in every facet of sport.


They should be banned for life from every international sporting event that will be put on until they get their stuff together. They are the worst of the worst and everyone knows that they are big time cheaters.