Juice WRLD suffers deadly seizure

On Sunday morning, December 8th, Juice WRLD (21), the beloved rapper, was pronounced dead after he suffered a seizure at Midway airport in Chicago. This came as a shock to many people, Juice WRLD has many songs that are or have been on the top charts, and I believe he would be considered a top tier rapper in the rap game today. Juice WRLD was mostly known for his songs; “Lucid Dreams”, “All Girls Are The Same”, and “Armed and Dangerous”. It seems that Juice WRLD like to relate his music to the pain that men could possibly go through when dealing with relationships with other girls. Juice WRLD not only loves to rap about how he has been hurt by women, but also he likes to rap about drugs. 

Now what has police came to explaining how Juice WRLD ended up suffering this terrible seizure. There has been many different conspiracies on what actually happened to Juice WRLD, some believe that he’s not actually dead, and some believe that the authorities were waiting on him outside of Midway airport, waiting for him to land, and then conduct a search to look for drugs and other substances in his private jet. Which is what I believe is true. According to TMZ, Juice WRLD swallowed several unknown pills before authorities searched him and his private jet, however the autopsy was inconclusive. 

This death came out of nowhere, and really have caused a ton of pain through not only Juice WRLD’s fanbase but as well with the rap community itself. His death has brought up so many questions, questions that have turned into conspiracies, which inturn has only left us even more lost and confused. Juice WRLD is going to be heavily missed, his music wasn’t just music to some, it was medicine, it helped some deal with tough situations, tough situations that rappers usually don’t talk much about. Juice WRLD wasn’t afraid to push the limits of the rap game.