Food blogger eats 3 foot hot dog, thought to be biggest in UK

Kate Ovens, a food blogger in England, became the first to accept the challenge of eating a three foot hot dog from a London Snack Shack in twenty-five minutes. The hot dog included all kinds of toppings and condiments such as bacon jam,  bacon mayo, smoked pancetta, mustard, ketchup, and crushed bacon flavored potato chips.

With her petite frame you may not imagine her to be able to consume so much food. But she has surprised many with this challenge. Ovens has 170,000 followers on Facebook, almost 60,000 on YouTube, and 80,000 on instagram. The challenge she took up came from the “Oh My Dog!” eatery in southeast London, where the dog was created, and dubbed the “BDF” just for her. 

Kate Ovens told South West News Service (SWNS) that “This was definitely one of my longest challenges.” She continued to mention that she had once before eaten a three foot sausage roll, but found this challenge to be more substantial, and also told SWNS that “Normally when I get halfway through, I get nervous about whether or not I’ll finish, but the BDF was so delicious I knew I could keep going.” She also told them that hot dogs are one of her favorite foods, if they’re done right.

According to Joel Bowen, the BDF was also a challenge to make. As the restauranter and head chef of “Oh My Dog!” he brought the staff together and welded baking trays in order to create a basting lid for the grill. He stated that “For years I’ve wanted to make the ultimate hot dog, and I think we achieved that.” 

“Oh My Dog!” is now offering the baconator challenge at their location in Fourpure Taproom in southeast London. But it is only being given out to two diners who call ahead and pre-order the meal.