Transatlantic Love

A relationship come in many different shapes and sizes. It could be same sex orientated, opposite, young, old but one I can relate the most to is long distance.


 I have a boyfriend that lives over 10,000 miles away. He lives about two hours away from Perth, Australia. We’ve been dating for a year and 5 months but on the 18th of November, it will officially be a year and a half. I know that isn’t too long but enough to brag for a high school relationship. The only problem is that he is extremely far away, and plane tickets are over 2,000 USD (over 3,000 AUD), so our best solution was to send stuff to each other by mail. Sadly, it still never felt very personal; then we came across a company called TouchBond.


TouchBond is a company that sells the perfect product for long distance relationships. It is a smart bracelet that lets you send vibrations to your loved one no matter how far. It’s just a way to let your loved one know that your really there for them, and to give them a physical reminder of their love. 


They work by connecting to your phones through the touch bond app. Then they can link two bracelets together and then you can send all the vibrations you want to your partner. You can also turn on location to see the weather of your partner’s area. When you activate them to send a vibration you have to double tap it so if you sleep with it on you won’t accidentally tap it and wake your partner up.


They have a battery life of 4 days and only take 3-4 hours to charge. They are waterproof and sleek in design. You can customize your light up colors and you can buy colored wrist bands a switch them out for cool colors. The colors available are “Twilight Blue”, “Emerald Green”, “Pink Sand”, “Ghost White” and the default “Charcoal Black”. They also have leather wrap bands available. The wrist bands come in many sizes. I have extremely small wrists and most smart watches don’t fit me, but mine fits no problem.


You can also use it for loved ones who are getting deployed, moving to a different college as you, or just for someone who has anxiety and you can stay in constant contact with them.


They cost 98 USD for a pack of two that come with the device, the band and a charger for it. You can also get new replacements if you accidentally lose yours. 


So far my only complaint is that you have to have your phone with you at all times for it to work, which is hard for me because we wanted to use it for when my boyfriend is in basic training, but it can still be used during free time.