Make Hordes Great Again: A guide to the Oirat Khanate in Europa Universalis 4

Ever since the release of the 1.29 Manchu the Oirat Khanate is now insanely overpowered with new missions giving them cores on all of China to the newly added events, and the Tumu Crisis. With this and more provinces giving them and their vassel, Mongolia, there is little to no issue in taking down the Ming Dynasty and reforming the Great Yuan and getting several achievements. Some achievements include, Back in control, Great Khan, and several others relating to hordes in general.


To begin with your road to conquest first you want to build to your force limit and group your army on the southern border; before you go to war make sure you ally some of the Jurchen tribes temporarily so Uzbek or the Chagatai don’t declare war as you steamroll through China. Then comes war with Ming which used to be tricky as you would have to wait for their Mandate to drop below 50 so they start receiving major army debuffs, but now all you have to do is win a battle that their leader is commanding. Don’t worry about them not assigning their leader because usually the AI will of all the times I’ve played there has been no instant where they don’t.  Despite their army size you start out with a general with 5 shock plus Ming doesn’t usually group their entire army for attrition reasons. Once their leader is captured an event will fire giving you +25% siege ability and moral bonus. Just capture their capital before the leader dies and Ming should force surrender with their Mandate dropping to 0.


With the first war won now comes the tricky part. First of all start annexing your vassal Mongolia and release the Jin dynasty as a vassal to save some administration points. Usually this is how I would play, but it is up to you on what to do. Next I would get syncretic faith of Confucianism as you are going to need it for the stability cost modifier. Now start rushing war with Ming to make sure that no one takes the Mandate of Heaven and Ming doesn’t explode. If they do it’s not a big issue but you would have to deal with coalitions which is not fun. Don’t worry about truce breaking as stability would be very cheap to get back so just invade Ming until they are wiped from the game so you destroy the mandate.


Next focus on conquering Manchuria to get land for Yuan it is very important to invade Korea as they will likely form coalitions and be annoying. I usually make them a tributary state to save monarch points and not get behind western nation on tech. Then turn your attention to Chagatai as they hold valuable land and a gold mine you will need. After this you should have 1000 development and all the land required to form Yuan. For ideas you should take I would always go Aristocratic first for cavalry cost then I would choose humanist as you are going to need the unrest reduction for rapid conquest. The rest are up to you but I would definitely focus on trade for economy as hordes make no money. As for the rest definitely Administration for core creation cost but its all up to you.