Control your Christmas Fever

The question that everyone argues over every year, when is it appropriate to start decorating for Christmas? When can I put up my Christmas tree? When can I start wearing my ugly sweaters? When can I start blasting Christmas music? When can I start buying gifts? Well luckily for you I’m here to tell you when I think it’s appropriate to start doing all that Christmas stuff. 


Some people say that you should start worrying about it on November 1st, some people start the day after Thanksgiving, but I think you should wait until December 1st. December 1st is a few days after Thanksgiving, so it’s technically Christmas season. Stores will have already restocked on Christmas decor, they’ll have plenty of toys and other gifts out. If you try to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, like on Black Friday, things will be really cheap, but you’ll most likely get ambushed by a bunch of people. In my opinion you should never go out on Black Friday unless you absolutely have to. 


Some radio stations start playing Christmas music on Thanksgiving, others play it the day after Halloween. There’s really no such thing as Thanksgiving music, so I guess there really no right time to start playing Christmas music. I think you shouldn’t start playing Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. 


When is it the right time to put up your Christmas tree? This is probably the biggest debate of all. My family usually doesn’t put ours up until the first week of December. Honestly, I think you should put your Christmas tree up anywhere between the day after Thanksgiving and the first week of December. You just shouldn’t have your Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. If your family were to come over for Thanksgiving dinner, would you really want to be eating a turkey while staring at your Christmas tree? I don’t think so. 


My favorite thing about Christmas is getting to wear ugly sweaters, and I’d wear them all year long if I could. Most people think that you shouldn’t wear Christmas like clothing until Christmas day, but I disagree. You shouldn’t wear Christmas clothing like leggings or sweaters until December 1st.


In my opinion, you shouldn’t start doing most things for Christmas until the first of December. Things like putting up your tree and playing music are fine as long as it’s after Thanksgiving.