Chinese Mandate and their Tributaries

Over the past few weeks a lot has happened with the censorship of the NBA in China controversy. Including owner of the Houston Rockets, Tillman Fertitta, stating that Morey does not speak for the franchise. LeBron James more worried about deals with China more than human rights. Basically the NBA caring more for money than freedom of speech, one idea they value as they kick out fans with “Free Hong Kong” signs and chants. My question is why is the U.S so surprised about the NBA? 

This has happened before with big tech companies like Apple in 2013, or Google making a China-censored search engine so they can do business there. Even gaming companies like Activision banning players such as Blitzchung for simply mentioning the Hong Kong protest and many more.

So begs the next question of why are these companies pandering to the P.R.C(Peoples. Republic. Of China)? Well, obviously it is money and business. It seems that even though overseas, China has a major influence on American soil having their censorship affecting U.S citizens and their freedom of speech. Well I believe this is outrageous to believe that United States corporations would happily watch Hong Kong’s rights stripped away, or even those citizens sent to concentration camps just to make a profit, or even worse another Tiananmen Square Massacre.  To silence Americans who exercise their free speech as they have the right to or to indirectly admitting to favoring money over freedoms and basic human rights.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does often rhyme. What I mean by this is back before the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, China had a system called the Mandate of Heaven. Where a royal family or emperor would claim the Mandate and earn the title of ruler of China proclaiming a Dynasty, but how powerful the dynasties were  was determined by supporters/tributaries of that dynasty. Is that all American corporations have become? Tributaries willing to back the P.R.C and their ideals despite their moral bankruptcy, supporters of a corrupt communist regime and its mandate of evil? 

To become so dependent on the Chinese economy that these companies must adopt their doctrines of censorship and political correctness is more than just outrageous but evil within itself. Big corporations may put on a face, or raise a pride flag, but in the end they are just doing it for profit with no regard for the individual.