Cons of the Kardashians

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The Kardashians. You either love them or hate them. Either way the Kardashians are the forefront of pop culture. You may be upset that I am about to uncover all of the cons of the Kardashians, but it is all truth. I believe society has been more torn since they have become more popular. The only reason they are popular is because as soon as one post, one snap, one show, or one video is uploaded, your whole social platform is filled with the kardashians faces,therefore; if you do not necessarily like them then you get more irritated because that is all you see when you scroll. 

Not only are they in your face all the time, but they are popular for no reason. What do they do besides fight, eat, or brag about themselves? Nothing at all. No, they are not terrible human beings-most of them- but they are extremely rich and obnoxious which makes them seem to be terrible. They have taken their grandfathers name and created it into different lines of fashion. Whether it be makeup, clothing, perfume, or jewelry; the Kardashians are just sitting and making money. They try to appear as a normal family, but how many families in your area have you seen make books and whole lines of fashion dedicated to their family name? None. 

I really feel like social media is why I dislike them so much because they over post and each post is just a picture of themselves. If it’s Kylie’s Instagram, then it’s a picture of Stormi, dressed up as Kylie. It seems to me they are in a never ending game of “I am the most conceited so I am going to post a picture of myself so everyone else can feel bad about themselves”. No one likes to feel bad about themselves because of what social media shows them but most of us tend to wish to have the photoshopped body that Kylie has. 

The “self love” campaign can not go on any longer because the Kardashians have taken over and actually make teenagers feel bad about themselves, which is ridiculous in my opinion. Never wish to look like someone you see on TV or social media because half of the time they don’t completely look that good. No one deserves to feel so terrible about themselves when it was all along fake, just like the Kardashians.