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For the past few days we have all heard of the impacting news of Trump might be getting impeached, after a  whistleblower accused President Trump of asking other countries for help in next elections of 2020. An impeachment process hasn’t been seen since Watergate, where Nixon was in the process of impeachment but resign before he could get impeached. As we all know it is illegal to ask or receive election help from other foreing countries. Even tho the transcript of the call between Zelensky and president Trump was realized there was not enough evidence shown against Trump.


 The Whistleblower stated that Trump did the same thing that Nixon did, transfer the rest of the call into a private tape.In fact Trump himself said that he ask Zelensky to have an eye on Biden son, but yet he didn’t ask for their help in the elections. Even though I don’t think their is enough evidence to accuse or to win the case Trump, if he did what they are accusing him of  I will say he is guilty, and they should be consequences for his actions, getting impeach should be part of the consequences, because if we don’t do anything, we all agree that it’s okay for a president to ask for help to foreing countries.If the next president that we have does the same thing that Trump is doing right now, we will have not right to accused or talk about him because we let Trump do the same thing before. The president should rule a country by the law but yet our President is breaking the law? 


Biden was the Vice President when Obama serve, now he is running for president, but what is Biden and his son being accused for? In 2016 there was a revolutionary war in Ukraine, against the Russians. President Obama decided to help the Ukraine Country by sending troops. Biden was in charge of all this, and for this cause he had to go to Ukraine really often. The problem started when Hunter Biden did a contract with a company, where he was receiving almost 50,000 dollars a moth from a company that he had no experience with. A lot of people accused him of doing corrupt things but they were never evidence shown against him. So I dont think Biden is guilty of anything. I don’t think you have to do something corrupt to get that much money in that case are Trump children doing corrupt?, Now the question is do I think Trump will be impeached? My answer to that question is no, I just don’t think they have enough evidence against him, not to the point to impeach him.