Insatiable: What A Show

Her whole life Patty Bladell, played by Debby Ryan, has been an outcast. From a young age she had an appetite that was impossible to fill. She was overweight, only had one friend, and felt constantly under attack by her fellow classmates. She wanted to fit in so badly. After getting into a fight, and having her jaw wired shut, she lost 70 lbs, and felt better about the way she looks. However, she wants revenge. She wants to make all the people who did her wrong feel the way she did. Pageant coach Bob Armstrong, played by Dallas Roberts, thinks that the only reasonable way to do that is to channel all her anger into doing pageants. They work for months to win all sorts of pageants, but there seems to be trouble at every turn. They make enemies, get into fights, and when things seem to be looking good they go down hill. 


A good show makes you feel something for each and every character. The character’s in Insatiable are all very different and portrayed well. They’re all relatable. Most TV shows want you to love the main character, but Patty Bladell is a very complex character, and you’re not supposed to love her. She does so many horrible things, and some might say she does them because she’s hurting, but in the end she realizes that’s not the only reason. 


The show doesn’t take itself too seriously. You have to have a sense of humor to like the show. Insatiable shows a lot of serious subjects, but it also makes jokes about them. The show talks about eating disorders, sexuality, murder, divorce, and addiction. It really makes you think about how much is going on in the world. The show has two seasons, but almost got cancelled after season 1 because of its controversial topics. It received many negative reviews, people said the show was really messy, offensive, and not well thought out. It also received a lot of hate for fat shaming.

Insatiable currently has 2 seasons out on Netflix, and the producer are talking about a third season. If there is a third season I think it will be the last. The views between seasons 1 and 2 dropped significantly. Each season leaves you on a cliffhanger, so if your as invested as I am you have to come back for the next season. You can watch the show on Netflix and I highly suggest that you at least give it a try.