McKamey Manor

McKamey Manor


Originally located in San Diego, CA, the McKamey Manor is known as one of America’s most extreme haunted houses. The haunted house recently moved to Huntsville, AL, and Summertown, TN. The haunt is owned by Russ KcKamey, who offers a $20,000 reward for anyone who can make it through without quitting. While many have attempted it, so far nobody has been able to complete the whole 10 hours. Though it’s known to be extremely horrible both physically and mentally, the waiting list is ridiculously long. In 2015, the San Diego haunt had a list of 27,000 people wanting to attempt it.


Attendees must go through a vigorous screening process, which includes signing a 40-page contract. The participants must acknowledge that they may end up with bruises, cuts, and even broken bones. They also waive all rights to sue, even in the case of death. Some past attendees have attempted to take legal action after going through the haunt, but since they signed the extensive waivers, police are unable to do anything. Participants must be at least 21 (or 18 with parental consent), clear a background check, and pass a doctor’s physical and mental exams. They will also be required to pass a drug test the day of to ensure they get the full experience.


Some claim that the extreme haunted house is just “legal torture”. Some of the possible risks include having to pull out your own teeth, getting fingernails ripped off, and getting a tattoo. Participants may also be drugged during their experience. In the videos that the McKamey website shows, participants are seen covered in substances that look like dirt and blood, and are seen begging to leave. They may be covered in snakes, spiders, or insects, or be close to drowning or being buried alive. In perhaps one of the most disgusting parts of the haunt, participants who puke may be forced to eat it.


If the experience gets to be too much for the participants, there is a safeword that allows them to quit. Although they are supposed to let them go at this point, the employees may keep them for minutes or even hours after. According to participant Laura Hertz Brotherton, the employees continued to torture her for several minutes while she repeatedly said the safeword. She ended up in the hospital with extensive injuries.


While some claim that McKamey is a psychopath, or a sick person, he claims otherwise. He claims that he’s the most straight-edged guy you’d ever meet, saying, “I’ve never been drunk in my life, never had a cigarette…I served in the military for 23 years and after that as a verteran’s advocate. I’m a wedding singer. I’m such a square and conservative guy.” He claims that he haunted house is just entertainment. He also says that he regularly receives death threats from people who disagree with his haunt. While many are attempting to shut it down, it remains open for now.