Tool Rushed It

13 years is a very long time for not receiving an album from a band that has never fully broke up. The fans of Tool would know this because before 2019 the last time they released an album was all the way back in 2006. In a recent interview, Tool drummer Danny Carey said the newest album Fear Inoculum was “Rushed” a bit.

When speaking on the Kerrang’s Inside Track Podcast, Carey spoke out about the time it took to do the album, revealing that he wished it took them a full 13 years to turn it around. 

“Kinda wished I could say it did take 13 years to make.” Explained Carey. “There’s nothing wrong with that, we rushed it a bit.”

He continued, “The thing is, the way we write all our jams and bits and pieces that get pieced together and sometimes things are being written with the intentions of being a song, and then all of a sudden the main riff of this song, six months later turns into a verse or chorus of another song. We don’t have anybody in our band that’s like a composer so its, like, were all in there doing it together day by day, and I don’t suggest this to any other band [laughs], but that’s the way we do it, and that’s the way we’ve always done it.” 

The drummer says, “It takes us long for a reason, but the end result is: we all completely believe in, not just every verse, every chorus, every bar is scrutinized, and that’s the result of what you’ll hear on this record. The way that we also work with Maynard [James Keenan], we don’t give it to Maynard until we do that, like, this is me, Adam [Jones] and Justin [Chancellor] we’re talking about now, and then we send that to Maynard because Maynard, he has to commit to this concept.”

According to Carey, the band likes to have things in a finished state before handing things off to the singer, as previous attempts of changing after have ended with much frustration.

“Nothing bums him out more than, like, when we send him this thing and then we change it. Once we give it to him, he commits and that’s it, he doesn’t want to change it,” says Carey. “We went through the whole bit trying to do that on the previous records, like, sending something and then all of a sudden we go, ‘Oh, wait, let’s change this chorus.’ Maynard will be, like, ‘So, you’re pretty much saying I just did all this work for nothing.’ I understand his point of view.”

Rushed or not the album Fear Inoculum was loved and adored by many fans, some loving it just cause its a Tool album and other loving it because of the effort the band gave to make it after not releasing an album in so long. It also appears that the band looks interested in more music down the road Carey discussing the potential future for another effort. 

“We’re going to tour on this probably for two or three years at least, I imagine. It feels like what we’ve done on every album, and then I guess we’ll see where we’re sitting after that,” stated Carey, later adding, “If we do do another album, it’ll take three years after touring. That’s just the way it is with our band.”