The Importance Of Comedy and Comedians

How different would the world be if we didn’t have a profession that ridiculed world problems for a living? The world would definitely have been a darker, more tragic place and would be all too boring without it. Comedians, whether we like it or not, have played a vital role in our society due to making light of situations that would otherwise leave a bad taste in our mouths. Not only that, the fact that we are always in a rush to criticize the next person or event without mentioning, let alone recognizing our own faults is depressing to say the least; comedians fulfill that void and provide it in such a well-manner that we can’t even be angry at them if they start criticizing a sensitive topic we hold close to our hearts. The ability to provide a better objective view of life as well as reducing any feelings of sadness that one might be facing is crucial if a society wants to function successfully.

Comedy offers a way to think outside the box, question ourselves, and all acts of a society, and countries, that we wouldn’t otherwise do; it offers an outsider’s perspective of life and our attitude towards everything. Comedy also has the ability to express the harsh truth without creating animosity in the room, and even if there is any, it would usually be from people who don’t appreciate good humor—more importantly, the harsh realities of the society we live in. Comedy is often criticized for being offensive. These critics fail to realize that offense is taken, not given. They refuse to accept others’ views, and  the majority of the world’s population is conditioned to accept the norms of society, not questioning any of the beliefs and traditions. Comedians try to promote rationality, something which is very hard to come by in modern society. One prime example of such is George Carlin, an American stand-up comedian and social critic. Carlin was known for his black comedy and reflections on politics, the English language, psychology, religion, and other various taboo subjects. He was also able to recognize problems that many hadn’t noticed at the time such as the government’s way of educating people. Don Rickles, another comedian, had a way of riling people up by insulting them. If he would’ve done the same jokes off stage— in real life— he would’ve easily gotten beat up, but in a comedy set up, it gives a stage to vent out anger in a creative way that victims of his jokes can’t help but to laugh it off and be entertained. 

During our darkest times, when America doesn’t know what to do, comedians push through and try to get others to move forward. For instance, people were critical of comedians when they made jokes about 9/11, but we need to realize that it is to see a world and society in a different view— one that is not necessarily serious. How else would comedians like Chris Rock be able to even have a career? They bring out the harsh realities of their lives and try to make people realize the truth through their comedic timings and views.

All things considered, comedy, and the comedians that have flourished from it, is an essential component in a successful society. Horrible actions will inevitably arise and many people will be victims of such. The best way to move on is to make light of the situation. In other words, let comedians do their job and make people feel better about the sick world we live in— of course, after a certain amount of time has passed. The cruelest joke would be not being able to joke at all.