“Happy Ever After”

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Marriage the union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. The person that you choose to spend  the “rest” of your life with, to be “loyal” and to be there for each other in the good and bad moments, the person that you choose to be happy ever after . But what happens when you partner isn’t happy anymore? What happen if you partner isn’t loyal? What would you do if you find out your partner is having an affair?


This past Monday morning in Earlville, Iowa, a hog farmer was found guilty for murdering his wife with a corn rake, after finding her wife was having an affair with the manager of the farm. On November 2018, 43 year-old Todd Mullis told authorities that his wife had failed on the farm and that her death was an accident. But not after Dr. Kelly Kruse did the autopsy on Amy’s body, it was stated that the cause of death was injuries on the torso 

made by something sharp. According to CNN news “Kruse testified that she observed multiple puncture wounds throughout Amy’s upper body,” she believed those injuries were made from a corn rake, and that she at least had been stabbed with the rake two times.Some reporters and investigators believed that the reason why Todd killed his wife because he wanted to keep the ownership of the family’s farm 

after finding out about the affair. A closed friend of Amy’s: Patricia Christopher testify that Amy wasn’t happy with Todd anymore,and that the only reason why Todd wouldn’t give her the divorce was that he would lose half of the farm and he didn’t wanted that, she also talked to her about the affair that she had with  Jerry Frasher the manager of the farm. 


Jerry also testify in  court, according to him, they would often text, and that their sexual relationship had started the summer of 2018. He also said that Amy had told him that “she felt like a slave or a hostage around there,” and that if Todd ever found out about the affair he she will disappear. After Todd found out about the affair he went to confront Jerry and Jerry’s wife, but days later he called to apologize for that. Even after the confrontation Jerry and Amy stilled continued to communicate with each other via email.  

Few months before her death Amy called  Debra Scherbring who worked with her, crying Amy asked if they were any rumors about her having an affair, Debra hadn’t heard any so she said no. The last thing Amy told her was that if Todd would find out about that he will kill her. After all not all marriages end up with the “happy ever after.”