Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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This past summer, legendary director Quentin Tarantino released his ninth film to much anticipation. The movie he released before this was what many believe to be his worst, (“The Hateful Eight”), so a lot of people were worried about how his new movie, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, would turn out. “The Hateful Eight” dragged on much too long, and once something did happen, it was too brutal to even enjoy. So when the masses saw the almost three hour run time on “Once Upon a Time” a majority were quite apprehensive. Despite all this, nearly every so called “film buff” went and watched this movie on the big screen, including me.


Going into this movie, I personally knew that I was going to enjoy it no matter what, just based on the time period alone. The film is set in Hollywood in the late sixties, aka. the time of the Manson killings. The film revolves around two fictional characters. Rick Dalton, wonderfully played by Leonardo Dicaprio, is a washed up cowboy tv star from the earlier sixties. His stunt man and close friend, Cliff Booth, is portrayed by Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is a standout in this movie and really steals the show with his comedic timing and laid back attitude. Pitt’s performance has garnered a lot of comparison to Jeff Bridge’s portrayal of “The Dude”, in “The Big Lebowski” Both of these actors are repeat offenders when it comes to Tarantino films as well, Leo being in “Django Unchained” and Pitt being in my favorite Tarantino film, “Inglourious Basterds.” The chemistry between the writing and the actors in this film is phenomenal and makes it that much more enjoyable. 


The plot of the film is admittedly weak though and a common complaint among most critics is that there isn’t really a point to it. So it’s kind of hard to explain it, other than by saying it’s a film about some guys in Hollywood in 1969 that live next to Sharon Tate during the Manson killings. Much like in “Inglourious Basterds” though, Tarantino bends what happened in reality, and puts it in his prospective, and this film really does play out like a Tarntino fairytale, hence the name “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”


Despite the weaker type plot, I genuinely enjoyed this movie very very much. In a conversation I had with my Father after the movie, we ranked the nine Tarantino movies from top to bottom, “Once Upon a Time” landed fourth on my list, which is no small feat with a filmography like his. I feel like this movie will age really well, and many will come to enjoy it more and more after the first watch, due to it not being a very taxing movie to watch. It’s a very “sit down and talk with your friends while this plays in the background” type movie and I love it for that. If I were a ranking man and my list went to ten, “Once Upon a Time” would get a nine and a half.