Rape or just anger issues

Over the course of this month the newly signed New England Patriots wide-receiver, Antonio Brown has been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct. A second woman has now accused Brown of sexual misconduct, saying he inappropriately propositioned her at his Pittsburgh home in 2017.  The unnamed woman claims that Brown came on to her after hiring her to paint a mural for him while he still played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and that their professional relationship soured after she rejected his advances. “ He was flirty with me, but I paid him no mind because I was there on business. Plus i had already seen him with multiple girls in the short time I was with him.” Brown’s accuser claims. His accuser also told the press “ I was about 40% done with the mural on the second day, and i’m not my knees painting the bottom, and he walks up to me butt naked with a hand cloth covering his area, and starts having a conversation with me” “I just kept my cool and kept painting, and after that it ended abruptly.” She said Brown “ghosted” her after the incident, and that her calls to his various assistants about being paid for other work went unanswered.  He paid her 1,000 dollars a day for the two days work, but she said he still owe her 700 dollars for another painting he purchased at the charity auction where they met in June of 2017. In a statement released through Brown’s attorney, he denied all allegations in the article and declined to comment further. The painter is now the second person to accuse Brown of sexual misconduct this month, after the footballs former trainer, Brittney Taylor, accused him of rape in a civil lawsuit. The painter is not seeking damages nor is she pressing charges, but she told Sports Illustrated that she was “bothered by his behavior.” She said that her friends who knew about her incident with Brown allerted her about Taylor’s rape lawsuit against him. Taylor reportadaley will meet with the NFL officials in New York as they conduct their own investigation into the alleged 2018 rape. Also detailed in Sports Illustrated report are multiple domestic disturbance class to the Pittsburgh home which Brown shares with his longtime girlfriend, Chelsie Kryiss- the mother of three of his five children. Police were called to the property in August 2017 after Kryiss accused Brown of throwing a cologne bottle and a container of lotion at her during an argument. Another incident was also named in April 2018, when police were called to Brown’s  Sunny Isle, Fla. home after receiving a call that furniture was being dropped from the balcony on the 14th floor down onto the street. Cops said the fund a “very agitated” Brown yelling that his building security had set him up. Brown has denied that it was him throwing the funiture off the balconey as well as raping Taylor, and has denied any further comments on the incident.