The Degradation of Journalism

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In the parlance of our times, journalism has become a laughing stock, and a massive target for politicians to hit. Journalists in this age are so quick to jump on absolutely anything that may push their agenda, that they completely ignore the fact that they may be publishing lies or mis-information.


This has quite obviously been going on for decades and decades, but social media has amplified it ten fold. Even back in the late sixties and early seventies when it seemed like the country couldn’t be more divided, and things like the Vietnam War and Watergate were all that were in the papers, journalists for the most part kept their cool. Now it’s as if the floodgates have been pulled and all the people who would have been upstanding examples of how to act, have turned into monstrous degradates or basic children.


All of the shining stars of journalism from times past have long since retired or passed on, the masses are left with Buzzfeed journalists fresh out of college with no prior experience of anything that has any substance whatsoever. Most are whitewashed, dense, and write meaningless pieces on meaningless things. This Buzzfeed mentality of journalism has unfortunately moved to what many considered “Real Journalism.” Papers, (now online papers) like the New York Times or the Washington Post, seem like they simply do not care who they hire now. Their writers don’t write interesting pieces. The very few times they have hit the money on a story and they get people talking, it turns out to be fake a couple days after, and they lose all their credibility again. 


The New York Times in particular has been guilty of going through this process, in a cycle, over and over again all throughout the Trump era. They have repeatedly falsely accused several Republican figureheads, only to be shot down and made fun of by President Trump, which further advances his twisted agenda and makes him seem like he actually makes sense. This obviously, is a negative thing for the Democratic agenda the Times is quite obviously trying to push, and as a Democrat it makes me sick.