Samuel Little- Most Abundant Serial Killer in US History

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October 6th, 2019, Samuel Little confessed to strangling 93 people in the span of 35 years. Most of his killings were ruled as overdoses or because of undetermined causes. FBI says he will go down in serial killer history. FBI was also able to verify 50 of those confessions in an ongoing investigation into his past crimes. There are multiple unsolved cases but now that Little confessed, things are starting to add up. Police in each state are working on solving these cases. 

He was born on June 7th, 1940. He went to Hawthorne Junior high school. His family and home life seemed to be good, so what changed or clicked as to why he would want to start killing? One of his investigators says that the women he has killed are very “unimportant” to society; they are also known as hookers, homeless, or the less fortunate. Investigators believe this is why he has gotten away with his murders for so long. Isn’t that sad? A murderer has gotten away with almost 100 murders just because the victims were not the best looking or had the best social status. 

Today’s society should include everyone. Society should care more about catching a killer rather then what a victim acted like before death. Everyone is a person and deserves to be treated like it. Everyone has a heart and everyone has a passion. Samuel Little murdered those women believing to get away with it but he is now in prison for the rest of his life. Like he should be.