Mindhunter Season Two

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The long awaited second season of the Netflix Original show, “Mindhunter” has finally been released. The almost two years of anticipation and the cliffhanger the first season left fans on was enough to kill a man quite frankly. 


The second season held much promise from the get-go, with the build up of the “ADT Serviceman” from the prior season and all of the fan conspiracies speculating what would happen next. I believe the second season absolutely led up to the hype, and only accentuated it for the third season, which hasn’t been confirmed yet. 


The second season starts, right where the first season left off. The main character, Holden, having a panic attack because the serial killer Edmund Kemper, gave him a hug. You think that him having anxiety problems is gonna be a bigger thing throughout the season, but it kind of dies off by like the third episode and you forget about it. The real main plot of the second season, other than advancing their division at Quantico, is the other main detective Bill Tench’s kid. It’s honestly a very sad story line but it’s very interesting in a twisted way. 


This season also introduces new serial killers for the main characters to interview. People like Charlie Manson and David Berkowitz are some of my favorite newer ones. Some old favorites from season one also show up though, like Ed Kemper, who was one of the favorites from last season. 


Another plot point in this season that is carried on from the last is that of the “ADT Serviceman” in Parkview, Kansas, who is, if you know your stuff, the infamous BTK Killer. They carry this little story they have with him going on at the start of every episode but by the end you still know absolutely nothing. I’m not really sure where they plan to go with his storyline, because BTK was caught in 2005 and this is based in the early eighties, so maybe they just chase him forever and the story ends. This season was absolutely good though and I very much look forward to the third season, whenever it comes out.