Purchasing Greenland is not that crazy of an idea.


U.S. president, Donald Trump, has recently declared how he was interested in a possible purchase of the island of Greenland. President Trump also cancelled a visit to Denmark primarily due to the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen calling the sale of Greenland “absurd” ,and being unwilling to talk it through. Though some believe the purchase is very important for the U.S. for its resources and arctic trade.

 Lately, a planned visit to Copenhagen has been cancelled and tensions are rising with the royal court and parliament. Mette Frederiksen also said “I strongly hope that was not meant seriously”. But this is not the only time a US President has offered to purchase the island and received a similar rejection.

 In 1946, Harry Truman tried to buy the island for $100 million in gold, but the offer was taken as an insult. In 1946 ‘practically every member” of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Harry Truman that Greenland was “completely worthless to Denmark” and “indispensable to the safety of the United States.” Truman offered $100 million in gold the offer was seen as a shock and taken as an insult though the small Scandinavian nation could’ve used the money after WWII, they still had their pride. This may not stand today but Denmark is reluctant to consider the offer. 

The United States has purchased Islands from Denmark before, in 1916 Denmark sold the Danish West Indies (now the US Virgin Islands) to the U.S. Though the refusal wasn’t an obstacle, because in 1951 the two countries entered a defense treaty that allowed the Pentagon to build Thule Air Base in Greenland, it’s northernmost and one of the largest bases constructed, in what was once the most remote outposts on Earth.

Donald Trump is thinking in terms of the resources and arctic trade the purchase would bring to the United States. Greenland has an abundance of gold, diamonds,iron, copper and uranium. It also has stores of many rare-earth elements such as praseodymium or dysprosium that are used in tech from lasers to smartphones. The United States gets most of its rare-earth elements from asia, giving the US a big dependency on china. 

 President Trump has compared it to “a large real estate deal” and sees Greenland for its strategic value for the United States in terms of arctic trade and resources. Trump said he was thinking about it and would possibly look into the purchase for a while. Lately he said “It’s not no.1 on the burner, I can tell you that”.

In terms of reasonability of purchasing the island and the resources that it holds purchasing Greenland is a viable idea.