Fayetteville’s Punk Scene

Fayetteville is a city that has many things going on in it from farmers markets, a wide variety of food trucks, and local restaurants, but one that I see as most important would be the music. Plenty of bands and genres of music are housed in Fayetteville like Guitar Jar, Yukon, Bambies, The Gimmix, and Ankle Pop.

Sadly, there are too many bands to talk about, but I will focus on some of the biggest ones. The first band I wanted to talk about is The Phlegms. The Phlegms have to be the #1 punk band in the Fayetteville area. They have gone to many places on tour in recent years and they have released 2 albums plus, they have grown to a pretty decent size fan base while still being underground. The Phlegms were the first punk band that showed me the scene that is happening in Fayetteville and that opened up the major amounts of bands in the area for me. Bambies are another band that has some of the same members from The Phlegms. They are a lot like the Phlegms except the lead vocalist is a male and their songs are full of grunge andare meant to be moshed to. I’m a big fan of the Bambies because their songs are energy filled and good to mosh to at venues and I can’t wait for their new album to come out. Musclegoose are the bomb and they deserve more praise. Musclegoose are a grade A band for they have put in the work and they go full at it every night they perform, which is important since they perform at least 2 to 3 times a week. Usually they get physical attention but almost never any online attention. The crowds at the shows are usually pretty decently sized and are awesome, but if they do a last minute show announcement then there audience count will suffer by a great amount. They have been the most recent band that I have listened to and they have been just great. The last band I’m going to talk about is Ankle Pop. Ankle Pop is another underground band that is very good. I would put them higher, but I haven’t seen them in awhile and I think they have released new songs. They are a great band nevertheless, for the audience they have they are dedicated. Some people have gone to every show they have done and I don’t blame them because their music is great.

Punk is a great genre and it has been a big hit on the fayetteville area and will continue to grow and grow until it explodes and hopefully some of these bands will go above ground and get seen by a good record label.