Donald Trump: A genius or a dunce?

Who would’ve thought that a successful business man and a former reality show TV personality would become our 45th president? America did. 

For 3 years now, Donald Trump has been the president of the United States. He has arguably been our most controversial president due to the influence of social media; and because of that, more people are interested in the political aspect of America—mainly to ridicule him on his many faults. But what if he made this foolish persona to achieve a certain goal? What if he is making himself play the role of a joker to attain something else? Think about it: this man actually ended up being the president of the United States. The United States! One of the most prominent countries in the world. He did this at the age of 73. Even if he is a senile old fart, he was elected to be our president and we have to acknowledge that fact. I don’t condone his actions but we have to give credit where credit is due. So that leads us to this question: What actions has he taken that keep making us call for impeachment when most of us didn’t even know that impeachment was a word prior to him being elected?

Let’s go over a few things that President Trump has accomplished since his inauguration. According to, he has created more than 5 million jobs resulting in the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for African, Asian, and Hispanic-Americans. He brought peace and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. He has given women more opportunities in the workforce such as appointing Gina Aspel as the first female director of the CIA. Ironically, he has made notable prison reforms that improve the prison system.

Let’s go over a few bad things that President Trump has done since his inauguration. For starters, he has—and currently is—been under criminal investigations such as his connections with Russia. He made a travel ban that many have speculated it to be a ban on Muslims. He has been accused of sexual harassment on several occasions—and I mean several. According to, he refused to release his tax returns to the public—first president to do so in over 40 years. He started a huge conflict with Mexico regarding the supposed wall that was said to be built on the border. Not to mention his daily tweets that always sparks a heated argument with either a person or an organization. I’m sure that you all can come up with more of his notable acts.

So is President Trump a genius or a dunce? A dunce is probably more fitting considering his actions as president. It’s not that his goals are bad; it’s just that the procedure and steps he is taking to reach them are not always the best way. I’m sure that he truly wants America to be great again but what does that mean, exactly? He wants to get rid of immigrants, but doesn’t he know that we are a nation of immigrants? For someone who has succeeded in real estate and had his own TV show, he has a lot to learn before he can be considered a successful president.