The New Joker Movie, and the Over Sensitivity

In light of the new and overly controversial Joker movie coming out, I thought I’d write about something I think is wrong with the media and our culture. This problem is the fact that the population of artists, whether it be writing or comedy or movies, do not have the freedom to speak their minds completely openly anymore. This is because of the “Gang Mentality” on social media, especially Twitter. “Joker” is the new thing these people have decided to get upset about. Though I haven’t seen it, I’ve heard a lot of things about it, and there is absolutely no reason for Twitter gangs to be getting so crazily upset with this movie and it’s director. 


The movie, which is essentially a character study of a man slowly driven to his breaking point by society, has been put in the hot seat because it, “could incite violence and inspire bad people.” This notion is completely ridiculous. Why are we not allowed to indulge in a story that has and will continue to happen in real life. Bad things are not happening BECAUSE of the movie, bad things are going to happen anyways, it is real life. If anything this movie is improving society. The moral of the story is ‘stop being mean to everyone, be nice, there’s too much hate in the world.’ The very people complaining about the movie, should be the ones loving it, they’re obviously just too dense to see the point. Why are these people so sensitive? If not real life scenarios, then what shall we write about to please the masses? Should every piece of media we consume be filtered so strenuously that it carries no weight? This seems like exactly what people on Twitter want. 


The sad thing is that creative people are letting the Twitter losers get to them. All of the apologies and redactions for things that have no business being apologized for or redacted. All because the creative ones don’t want to be “cancelled.” This will eventually “stunt the growth” of creativity in the world, and we’ll all be left with dense garbage to consume, and gradually more and more people will eat it UP. Nothing will hold merit anymore. This has already been happening for a while in the media, but now it’s seeping its way into things that should be held sacred like literature. Next thing you know, “The Godfather” is going to be “cancelled” for being racist towards Italians, or something ridiculous like that, just because some dork on Buzzfeed that doesn’t know what they’re talking about mentioned it. That is truly going to be our downfall, not the economy or global warming or anything crazy like that, just the under appreciation of deeper thought and art alone will truly derail every single thing.