Bitter N.C.A.A

On September 31, 2019 Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that allows college football teams to get money like NFL does. The bill is going to let college athletes sign the same endorsement and sponsorship deals as pro athletes. They will also be able to hire their own agents.The NCAA is saying that the new law will add an unfair recruiting advantage to California schools. The NCAA says there needs to be a clear distinction between college and professional athletes.


Supporters say that this law could encourage star players to stay in school rather than drop out to go pro, but the NCAA says that it is unconstitutional and it’s looking at “next steps.”  Schools are starting to worry about fewer resources and opportunities for their athletes, and worried it could negatively affect female athletes. Although supporters disagree, they said this bill would only create new opportunities for female athletes that don’t have as many professional opportunities to profit on their sports in college. Supporters also say the bill could be a saving grace for students with financial issues. Corporations and colleges have also been able to excessively profit off these students, even after they leave college and join a professional sport teams. California State University schools Stanford and USC opposed the bill, saying they feared it would bump up the cost to ensure compliance with the law and lead to fines or expulsion from the NCAA.


Personally, I’m not much of a sports person, but I’ve always wondered why college athletes didn’t get paid. They are working from 5 am to at least 12 to practice and balance school work. Unlike most college students, they barely have time to do schoolwork, let alone get a job. Schools profit so much off these men and women and use their talents for themselves. I don’t think they should be getting more than minimum wage. They don’t need as much money as an NFL player, but they just need enough to get through the week. I also think if something with their name is sold, they should get profit. Without the college even having that kids name, they would have never gotten the merch bought, so it’s only fair to distribute at least some of that money to the player.


The law is set to take effect in 2023. The law may lead to California schools getting shut out of certain NCAA competitions, or it could lead to other states following California’s lead, and pressuring the NCAA to make a change to its rules.