What were you doing at 16?

Often times, we stumble upon questions that no matter who answers it, we feel as if that’s not the right answer. Questions such as what is the meaning of life, does God exist, what is justice, or if it’s really okay to post this picture on Instagram leave us contemplating our life decisions. One question that is based purely on personal experience is what we did at a certain age, more specifically at the age of 16. This question fits in with the others because there isn’t a right or wrong answer—it’s based strictly on our experience; and yet, when answering this question , we find ourselves bewildered at our response and come to a realization that, simply put, there’s so much more we still want to, or have to, do. 

After all, 16 is a delicate age. In some countries, one can officially be married at that age. Some are going against the United Nations like Greta Thunberg while others are going against their own mother. Some were as happy as they could possibly be while others were ready to literally throw it all away. Some could precisely remember every single moment at that age while others forgot about it due to overuse of certain substances or illegal beverages. Nevertheless, we were all 16 at one point—and if you aren’t yet, then good luck— we might’ve done some dumb stuff that leave us cringing every time we think about it. So what exactly did you do at the age of 16? 

Let’s go over a few things a normal 16 year-old would have done: they would still be in school as a sophomore or junior; it’s likely that they are close to getting their driver’s license as well as looking for, if they don’t already have one, a job; at this point, they can differentiate who their real friends are, if they still have any; a few are focused on getting scholarships for their dream college; a lot are having an identity crisis that could evolve into an existential crisis; some are being very studious and others are playing video games hoping to get scouted by an esports league; they’re also at that age where they might be experiencing pleasure heightening to a state of euphoria; many are becoming self-conscious and are possibly thinking about their popularity in high school; some believe they have finally found their soulmate while others stopped believing in love altogether.

In conclusion, some managed to enjoy all they could possibly do at 16 while others are quick to turn a blind eye whenever it gets mentioned. Regardless of what we did, we have to keep in mind that what we did at the age of 16, or any age for that matter, does not define us in any way whatsoever. We don’t have enough time in the world to be living in the past. We have to always be living in the present. In other words, we have to live life at this very moment because many of us don’t want to experience what we already did when we were 16 years old.