I Do Not Like Walmart


Walmart represents the disintegration of small town America. In a nutshell, Walmart is able to forcefully insert itself into most any small town in America, except Prairie Grove, and kill every other store in town. They’re able to do this with their remarkably low prices and ability to cater to small town people. 


The business that started in what was once small town Bentonville, Arkansas is still expanding and there’s not much that’s going to stop that, that anyone can foresee anyways. The only challenge to them is definitely Amazon and their Amazon Prime business package, but I don’t feel like it’s a big deal for “The Evil Empire.” I call them the Evil Empire because that’s actually exactly what they are. The “Low Prices” marketing that they initiate, while it definitely has saved my family more than a couple times, is detrimental to city and town economy’s. Local general stores, and in some cases even larger chain general stores that are in town, just cannot compete with Walmart. While you can sum this up to good marketing and business model, if you look deeper into it and see the destruction it has really caused, it’s heart breaking.

Take the story of Renee Smith for example. Her and her husband own a quaint little shop in North Carolina called “Town n’ Country.” It was a supermarket like shop that the whole community shopped at for forty four years, that is until Walmart came to town like the bad guy in a western. When Walmart started their “Neighborhood Market” themed stores in 2015 for the sole prupose of putting them into small communities, they knew exactly how it would effect towns, but “Big Brother” didn’t care. They didn’t care about dropping Renee’s sales thirty percent, or undercutting her when she dropped her prices to try and compete, they had not a single care in the world. Renee closed her store that October, and many other small business owners did the same. 


The sick thing about Renee’s story though is that they left. Walmart ruined her permanently, and then left. Her small town was ruined as well, being left without a supermarket for miles. Walmart used these small towns in their experiment’s like lab rats. Yet they get away with it, because who’s going to do anything about it? I’m sure Renee would if she could. It’s genuinely up to no one at this point, Walmart will not be stopped unless they gain a conscious. That’s just capitalism though I assume.