Week 5 of NFL

With week 5 of the NFL season coming to an end, it left lots of fans disappointed. Although there were many games that went on this week, I’ll only be talking about a few of the games that I feel really shocked the NFL, or has made a certain fan base sad once again. 


The Dallas Cowboys will be who I start off with. After winning the first three games, Cowboys fans really felt as if it could actually be their year to make a run to the Superbowl. But their parade halted after they lost the defensive battle to the Saints. However, with the fresh week upon them, Green Bay would be coming to “Jerry’s World” to face the Boys. Everyone, including ESPN, had the Cowboys winning against Green Bay and having a bounce back week. However, at the end of the first Green Bay showed everyone that they aren’t a team to doubt, they went up 14-0. Only scoring 3 more points, at halftime the game was 17-0 Green Bay. It just seemed as if Dak, the Cowboys Quarterback, couldn’t get the ball moving down the field, and once he did, he would just throw it to the other team. The second half was much better for both sides of the ball for the Cowboys, putting 24 points on the scoreboard and only allowing 17 on them, but it still wasn’t enough and the Boys would end up losing 24-34. With the player of the game being Packers running back Arron Jones, who rushed for 107 yards and had 4 rushing touchdowns. These past two games for the Boys shows why as fans, we shouldn’t get our hopes up. 


Another game I’m going to discuss is the upset that happened Sunday between the Colts and the Chiefs. Chiefs having superstar Patrick Mahomes everyone had the Chiefs, who are also at the time 4-0, beating the Colts, who had lost their superstar QB Andrew Luck, due to retirement. ESPN had the Chiefs having an 82.4% chance of coming away with the win. This game to say the least was very boring, only two touchdowns being scored the entire game, to say the least, it was a defensive game. At the end of the first half, it was 10-13 Colts. The second half though, no team could do anything, they couldn’t get anything going down the field, and the kickers became stars. With no scoring in the 3rd quarter, it came down to the 4th quarter. With 3 total field goals being the only scoring in the 4th, Colts came away with the win, upsetting the Chiefs 19-13. Chief now with a 1 in the loss column, it leaves only two teams with a perfect record, the Patriots (5-0) and the 49ers (4-0).