Borderlands 3

On September 13, 2019 Gearbox Games came out with the third game to their looter shooter trilogy, Borderlands. 

Borderlands has always had a loyal fanbase and their storyline is unique compared to most video games. The game series was one of the first looter-shooters of its kind. (Looter-shooter is just like it sounds. A game where you shoot, kill and loot all you can carry.) 

The storyline for Borderlands 3 is there is a new cult on Pandora and it is taking over in huge waves. The leaders are Tyreen and Troy Calypso, also known as the Calypso twins. Tyreen is a powerful being called a Siren. They have powers and it varies from Siren to Siren. Her power is to drain the life and abilities from other living beings. As more and more people join the more people she drains her powers from and the stronger she gets. In the game your character is working with a group called the Crimson Raiders who is led by another Siren named Lilith. The Crimson Raiders are trying to unlock vaults, which hold monsters and riches, and get to them before they get into the hands of the bad guys. Tyreen soon sees Lilith for the huge threat she is and takes her powers, leaving Lilith, who was once the most powerful siren in the world, powerless. This is where the action of the game starts to really kick off.

In the new game Gearbox really focused on the multiplayer aspects and letting it be easier for gamers to play together. It is a lot more smooth compared to the second game as well. The game takes 30 hours to complete just the main storyline. The 2nd game was also a total of 30 hours but that included the DLC’s (DLC stands for downloadable content). They also added for customizable things for your character so you can really make it feel like your own. They also allowed your character to have more skills you can use. They also made it easier for people who were new to looter shooters, be able to go through it with no problem. It’s definitely a great game to play with your friends and even solo. They focused on making it easy for all players and still kept the same authenticity of the classic Borderlands. Overall this game is definitely worth checking out and people all over are loving it.