Update 1.29 Manchu and how it fixed everything.

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Ever since September 17th, Paradox’s new update,1.29 Manchu, went live for Europa Unniversalis 4 it has been getting a lot of backlash, like most updates do, but this update primarily focuses on the Hordes specifically the Manchurian region and a rework of the Mandate of Heaven system. Now given that for a day or 2 the update was known to crash the game, that has been fixed, but now the big reason for the backlash comes from Horde players or even Ming players. 


What was changed in this new update seemed to rile up people who play this region the most is mostly because of the new rework of specifically the Jurchen tribes, or the Manchurian Region. In the update 1.29 banners, special units given to the nations of the Manchu region, are now dependent on if a nation has 16 development rather than 10. They now don’t get a 10% discipline multiplier instead they get 5%, the Jurchen idea group gets a debuff as they get less possible banners, the main country Jianzhou now starts out with fewer land, 16 new missions for the Manchu nations, banners now cost 25% manpower to raise now, and the list goes on. With Ming the biggest change now is that they are most likely to explode in games, fall, as the Mandate of Heaven is harder to maintain with the developer saying , “it should be something to fight for.”

Now this may be bad for me as I myself am a Horde player, but I see this update as an absolute win. Mongolia, the country I specialize in, now has more provinces giving it more development this in turn makes it easier to break away from Oirat, has a new focus tree with missions that give insane buffs and claims on other nations.


The meta for the hordes in multiplayer is that there would be a Jianzhou player usually there to form Manchu and or form the Qing Dynasty, but now that meta is going to have to change. Usually what would happen is that the nation of Jianzhou would have the clear advantage, development wise and would be able to steamroll through the other tribes including Mongolia 

and the Oirat Khanate and eventually would take advantage of the Ming if their Mandate were to drop below 50. For those who don’t know if the Mandate of Heaven drops below 50 your country, or in this case the Ming, would start getting debuffs towards available mercenaries, unrest, and military, so usually the a  300 development nomadic country should be able to take out the Ming giving them the Unguarded Nomadic Frontier modifier meaning the end for them. However this may be seen as unfair to Manchu players as the biggest thing that gave them a name is now severely nerfed and is significantly harder to form the Manchu nation, nevertheless other players do benefit from this.