Area 51 Raid: What Happened

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What started out as a Facebook meme, might not have been as exciting as everyone thought it would be. The small town of Rachel, Nevada prepared to be invaded by over 2 million alien enthusiasts. The raid of area 51 was highly anticipated by many people. However, only 3,000 people showed up. 


Area 51 is a top secret U.S. military base located in Lincoln County, Nevada. For years many people have had their theories about what goes on in the basecamp. Many people believe that there is extraterrestrial life within the area. The area is also very classified, you can only get so close before you get arrested. The area is so restricted that it is illegal to fly over it. 2 people were arrested during the raid. 


A few days before the raid, the guy who started it said that he didn’t think it was a good idea. He posted the meme to make people laugh, and that it had now gotten out of hand. When the U.S. military heard about the event, they urged people not to come. If they did show up they would most likely be arrested. However, the raid was more like a weird costume party for adults, than a raid. The 3,000 people that showed up were dressed in very unusual costumes. Many were dressed in green bodysuits, and wearing alien masks, and some were wrapped in aluminum foil. There was live music, food trucks, and people were selling passes to get into the “raid”. Honestly it’s like an alien themed Coachella. The famous beer company Bud Light even said that they would give free beer to any aliens that escaped. 


The guards at the base took pictures with the people that showed up. The alien enthusiast made signs, prepared chants, and wore costumes, but none of them really raided the area. They partied and the raid wasn’t as successful as people hoped it would be. No extraterrestrial life was found, everyone stayed behind the lines and screamed. Some people even traveled from other countries to participate. 2 men from Sweden were arrested for storming the area. Many people posted pictures. They were wearing costumes, enjoying food, and rocking out to the live music. 


Cops at the raid said that the crowd wasn’t nearly as chaotic as they’d thought they’d be. Once people learned what the consequences would be for storming, they backed down and just partied. After the raid people went online to post about it. A few people said that every year on September 20 everyone should visit, so they can start an internet tradition. Not everyone was willing to laugh over the raid. Many people were outraged at how horrible the raid was. They said that this was our chance to discover if there is really extraterrestrial life out there, and all we did was throw a party in the dessert. 


We may never know if some other life forms are out there. The raid might be the closest we’ll get, but at least we don’t have to worry about aliens taking over.