Earthquake strikes Albania, leaving massive damage

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Saturday, Albania suffered the “most powerful earthquake in thirty years,” with over a hundred aftershocks in the region. The earthquake struck eight hours north of Port City, sending shock waves down towards Capital Tirana, twenty-three miles away. 

Albania is earthquake-prone and receives seismic activity at least every other day, the only thing different about this quake is how destructive it was. Albania’s hazard level for earthquakes is high, meaning that in the next fifty years, Albania will receive more than a twenty percent rate of damaging earthquakes.  

The earthquake, which was almost a six in magnitude, cracked homes, flattened cars, and caused destruction for a never ending twenty seconds. And while at that, the falling debris crushed whatever was in its path-parked cars as the main target. At least one home was fully collapsed out of the other six-hundred affected, citizens that were affected by the quake are currently staying in temporary shelters. The earthquake left around 340 aftershocks, from Tirana to the port city of Durres.

Sadly, the earthquake injured more than one-hundred people trying to flee from the earthquake. “All our neighbors came out screaming,” says sixty-seven year old retiree, “thank god it didn’t last long-about twenty seconds. It was a nightmare on the tenth floor, I don’t remember a more powerful one than this.” 

Power and water facilities were also knocked out during the quake, from Tirana to Western and Central districts. “Luckily oil wells where not damaged,” said Defense Minister Olta Xhacka. Prime Minister Edi Rama had received phone calls from his Italian, French, German, and other European counterparts, offering assistance.