Boris Johnson Unlawfully Suspends Parliament to Proceed with Brexit.

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   Current british Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously planned to shut down Parliament for five weeks to proceed with a no-deal brexit, but british supreme court has ruled that this was unlawful. Johnson is already being faced with calls to resign, to which he “profoundly disagreed” with but would “respect” the decision.


   Mr.Johnson suspended Parliament due to his planned no-deal brexit on October 31st. Johnson is under fire because he advised the queen to suspend her speech to Parliament for five weeks at the height of brexit, this basically suspended lawmakers, many of whom strongly disagree with his aggressive approach. 


   But in the midst of the suspension, British Supreme Court ruled unanimously that he had overstepped, and had effectively declared Parliament out of suspension. Now Mr. Johnson is facing calls to resign by many, but he is still determined to deliver brexit. 


   Many feel that his decision to exploit royal prerogative powers is not justifiable, and that he manipulated the queen. But this is just another setback upon which he has had many. As of now, the prime minister is still with post haste to deliver brexit by the promised date. 


   His actions are deemed to be worthy of his resignation by his opponents, primarily Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the labour party who stated “Tomorrow Parliament will return. The government will be held to account for what it has done. Boris Johnson has been found to have misled the country. This unelected prime minister should now resign.”. Joanna Cherry, a member of the Scottish National Party, also said Mr.Johnson should “do the decent thing and resign.” If so, he would become the shortest serving prime minister ever. But this goes further than just Mr.Johnson’s resignation. His opponents are taking this overstep and using it as ammunition against him and his brexit plan. MP Joanna Cherry said  “Now we must make sure Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans fail”.