Mr. Brown’s troubles with the NFL

Antonio Brown has had a very eventful couple of weeks. He’s been cut from the Raiders, accused of sexual assault, rape, and sexual misconduct by two women, cut by the Patriots, lost his contract with Nike, officially retired from the NFL, and now has enrolled into college at Central Michigan, where he played ball at. To unravel all the drama that has happened in Mr. Brown’s life these last two weeks I’m going to start at the beginning.


Through the entire off-season, Brown had conflicts with his new team The Oakland Raiders. Brown suffered extreme frostbite on his feet due to a cryotherapy chamber and was unable to practice with the team. While recovering from his injury, Brown was told that he would have to be wearing a new helmet and wouldn’t be allowed to use his old helmet. Which caused him to be unhappy, and he filed a grievance with the NFL, the process was only filled with drama, as Brown even threatened to retire if he wasn’t allowed to play with his old helmet. After being out for two weeks, due to his injury,  Brown decided to come back to team practice with the Raiders, and things seemed to have been resolved and Brown and the Raiders were on the same page. But his presence didn’t last long and Brown stopped going to practice. By this time Raiders manager, Mike Mayock, was fed up with Browns childish ways, and publicly called for Brown to attend the team practices. Mayock also added, “So from our perspective, it’s time for him to be all in or all out.” Two days later after being called out by the teams manager, Brown once again returned to team practice, with an approved helmet.

The NFL awarded Brown a 1-year grace period to phase out the helmet he had been wearing his entire career. But Brown lost his second grievance and was forced into picking a suitable helmet that met NFL requirements. But the drama still isn’t over, Brown then posted a photo of all the fines he received during this conflict over the helmet, which totaled around $54,000. Then Brown decided he would try to take justice into his own hands and confront the owner during a practice, which lead into racial words being said, which then lead to Brown having to be pulled away by his teammates to calm him down. Mr. Brown comes back to practice two days later and everything seems good. 

Head coach Jon Gruden even said “Antonio’s back today. We’re really excited about that and ready to move on,”he also said . “He’s had a lot of time obviously to think about things and we’re happy to have him back.” But Coach Gruden spoke way too soon, because the next day Brown asked the Raiders to release him in an Instagram post, after the team fined Brown $215,073.53 on Friday night for conduct detrimental to the team, also the Raiders voided the $29.125 million dollars of guaranteed money in his contract. After a few hours of his post, the Raiders ended their drama with Brown and released him. Making him a free agent. 

The Patriots were the perfect candidates for a new team for Brown, and would end up being the only real candidate. He signed a 1-year, $15 million dollar contract which also included a 9 million dollar signing bonus, with the New England Patriots. Things seemed to finally being going for Brown, he was on a team and although he had to miss the first game with the team, he would end up playing in the 2nd game of the season for the Patriots. In that game against the dolphins got 4 total catches, 56 yards, and a touchdown. Patriots fans were excited to say the least. But, news came out that a women is accusing Brown of sexual assult and rape, then another women came out saying he sexually assulted her, and not even a week later after his first game with the Patriots, and only 11 days of being on the Patriots realsed Brown, and Brown once again was a free agent.  Brown was now fed up with the NFL, and publicly announced on his Twitter that he is done with the NFL and is officially retiring. However, Brown is trying to move on in his life, and is now enrolled in Central Michigan and will finish his last year of college.