Brian Turk: A Life Well Lived

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Brian Turk: A Life Well Lived

On September 13, 2019, it was announced that 90210 actor Brian Turk died after a rough battle with cancer. He was only 49 years old. He was a very private person, however a woman named Carlos Marlene Montiel created a gofundme for Turk’s family. He had a wife, Emily Wu, and an 8 year old son. His son considered his dad his best friend. The gofundme had raised $34,755.


Turk was born on May 29, 1970 in Northglenn, Colorado. As an actor, he had many small roles in hit TV shows. Some of these shows are, “Two and a Half Men”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Boy Meets World”. More prominent roles he had was Gabriel in HBO’s Carnivale, and a recurring role in “Beverly Hills 90210”. He’s also had many movie roles. Turk has been in “American Pie 2”, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, and “Big Fat Liar”. 


Although Turk was a very private person, he had many friends. He enjoyed spending time with his family. He was really close to his young son. His wife had been physically unable to work for many years, so Turk was the one to make all the money for his family. He wanted so badly to beat the cancer for his family, but the treatment was too expensive, and the cancer became terminal. 


His friends have said that they will miss him very much. He impacted all of them in such a positive way. He never let anything get him down, he was a fighter. When he wasn’t entertaining in front of a camera, he was coaching football. He coached at Mater Dei High School and at USC. If you go to the Mater Dei school website they have a “Monarchs in our prayers” page. There they have a bio about him and a link to the gofundme page created for his family.


His close friends have said that he died too early. He still had so much of a life left to live. His son was so young, and his wife needed him. His friends will most likely continue to mourn him for a long time. He was an amazing actor, and such a kindhearted person. He cared for people so much. He was there for anyone and everyone.