Lori Loughlin: The Laughing Stock of the College Admission Scandal

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We all know by now that Felicity Huffman took the plea deal for 14 days in prison, $30,000 fine, and 250 hours of community service for bribing a test proctor to help her child get into college. It was incredibly smart on her part to just cooperate and plead guilty for an act in which there is an abundant amount of evidence of her doing. Kudos to Felicity for owning up to her wrongful doings. Lori Loughlin, however, is said to be uncooperative and overly agitated during court hearings. That really shows her true character and shows how much she really cares about being convicted.

Let’s look at the facts, more than half the parents involved in the college admission scandal pleaded guilty, and rightfully so. Mossimo Giannulli, Lori’s husband, is also being extremely difficult compared to all his complying fellow bribers. Since the entire scandal has come to the surface, it has also been revealed that Mossimo and Lori laundered money by donating it through a singer’s “charity” and affiliated that laundered money into the fraud allegations, digging them into an infinite hole of charges and court hearings. But the laundering doesn’t end there, they also figured out how to cash money in outside of the United States in order to pay into the college scandal secretly.  

Their lawyer has spoken out after countless court hearings about Loughlin, essentially it comes down to how many allegations and actual charges she has against her. It is unlikely she will be let off with minimal prison time and no probation. It is predicted that Lori and Mossimo could likely spend 2-5 years in prison with a max community service time of 350 hours. The fine they will have to pay has yet to be predicted, as well as the probation time because there are still impending charges that have not yet been fully proven yet. Their latest court hearing is set to be in October and because of their past track record with court and timing in general, they are said to not be appearing. I don’t blame them, because at this point, what’s the point if they already messed their entire court reputation up. 

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo are definitely the confirmed laughing stock of the scandal as a whole because the impending attitude and the ambitious attempt of covering their butt. They make everyone else involved look like saints, and personally I hope they get convicted solely because of the lack of respect for the entire saga.