iPhone 11: The Stovetop

Apple is a very popular cell phone company. Apple’s company started April 1st, 1976 and ever since then they have been thriving with very few misconducts. They released their very first iPhone in 2007 and it was called the iphone 3G. Each phone is commercialized bigger and better than the last and in some cases that is true. However, the new iPhone 11 is a step back. 

Next week Apple is having an event and is releasing the ‘new and improved’ iPhone 11. This phone has a triple camera lens and a video upgrade that involves real time re-cropping technology. The camera has an ultra-wide angle that can add many more details in pictures and videos. It also has a display for night mode. People say this phone is “the next generation” but how can it be when this phone is cheaper and has nothing more than the iPhone xR and xS when it comes to social networking and phone stability?

The iPhone 11 is actually only $699 plus your phone plan while the xR is ranging from $800-$1000 plus the phone plan. How does that make sense? The camera angle may be better but what has that have to do with the quality of the device you purchase? nothing unless you just want a good selfie. This phone is on rapid display and on every commercial yet has nothing new besides the ugly camera lens design that I like to call, ‘The Stovetop’. 

Apple is a wonderful company and I love their phones more than I do Samsung. But the meaningless low prices and the 1 new function, seems kind of fishy to me. Apple has to create something that doesn’t remind me of a home cooked meal and my old iphone 7

If you want to buy this new iPhone you totally should if you want your pictures widened, but not if you want your device quality fixed. Don’t waste your money when the iPhone 8, 8 plus, xR, and the xS gives you the exact same quality.