Battle of 62

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The Prairie Grove Junior High football team faced their cross town rivals, The Farmington Cardinals. The Junior High team had an amazing game last night against Farmington with a Blow-Out score of 36-8. Go Tigers! The game was intense, and our boys fought really hard. The Tigers started the 1st Quarter with 2 touchdowns making the score 16-0. The Tigers then went on to score 2 more touchdowns making the score at halftime come to 28-0. I would say one of the most outstanding plays of the entire game happened in the 3rd quarter. Farmington was going was going in for a touchdown when he was hit and fumbled the ball in the endzone and the ball was recovered by Prairie Grove for a touchback. The tigers then got the ball on the 25 or 30 yardline. The score remained the same when halftime rolled around. The score continued to remain the same coming up to about half way through the third quarter. Farmington barely managed to throw a successful pass and score a touchdown and a complete 2 point conversion. The Tigers then went on to score another touchdown making the score 36-8. Which ended up being the final score of the game. Our PG Junior High football team did not show up to play games they fought a long hard game with multiple fumble recoveries, all out amazing plays, and drive and determination. Those boys walked out on that field wanting that win knowing that they were going to give everything they had, and they achieved their goal. They had it set in their minds that that is what they were going to do and they didn’t let their guard down for even a second. Those tigers went on that field with a vengeance. They played an amazing game of football and worked their butts off to prove that its PG’s Highway. Now all we do is hope our Senior High team can pull off just as good as a win tonight as the junior high team did last night. All in all, it was an amazing game and those boys deserve all the credit. Go Tigers!