Paper Straws: How Ridiculous

Paper straws are ludicrous! They were created to help save the environment, which is a good thing, I just don’t see how they’re a reasonable substitution for plastic. Google’s definition of a straw is a thin hollow tube of paper or plastic that is used for sucking a drink from a glass or bottle. Although paper is in the definition, it still isn’t really a straw, at least not to me. To me, and probably many other people, a straw is something that is used to slurp a drink. It’s something that won’t get soggy when I put it in my drink. 

If paper straws are supposed to be helping save the environment, how do we make them? Well, how do you make paper? To make paper you have to cut down trees, and people need trees to breathe. So, if we ban plastic straws and start using only paper straws we won’t be able to breathe. To me it doesn’t seem like they’re helping to save the environment.

If you put paper in water or any sort of liquid it gets really mushy and falls apart. No one wants little pieces of paper floating around in their drink. When I used a paper straw it felt a bit thicker than normal paper, and I could see where it had been rolled into a straw. The straw lasted until my food came, but then it got kind of mushy and started to unroll. So I had to ask for a new straw, which seemed to really annoy the waste staff. A lot of people chew on their straws, but if you chew on a paper straw you might as well be eating paper. It’ll get wet, parts or it will tear off and get stuck in your teeth, and it’ll ball together at the top and you won’t be able to get any liquid through the hole. This is really annoying.


In some places their banning the use of plastic straws in 2020. If I lived in one of these places I’d be outraged. Paper cannot be used as a straw, and paper straws don’t live up to their name. I’ll admit that plastic can be harmful to the environment, but you can at least drink from a plastic straw without it falling apart in your drink. There has to be a material out there that can be used as a legitimate straw and isn’t harmful to the environment.