Road to Victory or Failure

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The Prairie Grove Volleyball team started their season last week, the 26th of August. Their first opponent was the Lincoln Wolves. It was an easy start with me serving an ace. We did have a few challenges keeping the ball up and in play when Lincoln was serving but in the end we did win the first set of the season; 25-20. 

The first six points of the second set were a little rough because the Tigers communication was off. We kept getting into the net and hitting the ball out of bounds. The Lincoln Wolves were really pressing us on defense. After earning the point we fought back and once again won the set; 25-19.

The third set, the Lady Tigers had very few challenges and we came out with a bang! We won the third set and the first game of the season; 25-10.

The second opponent was the West Fork Tigers and once again started out with an ace. Unlike the challenges of Lincoln, the Prairie Grove Tigers played very hard and we started the first set off 4-0. We ended up winning the first set; 25-10. The second and third sets went about the same with a few miscommunication errors on both sides of the net. Prairie Grove ends up winning their second game of the season against the West Fork Tigers. 

The third game of the season, however, did not go very well. Prairie Grove played their biggest rivalry, the Farmington Cardinals. Going in we were aware of their two best hitters, Addison and Kally. We made up plays and areas of the court to cover their impressive hits. We started the set off slow. The score was 4-4 before any great hits or digs were in play. Farmington ended up winning the first set; 25-14. Farmington also won the second set; 25-18. 

The first two sets were rough but the Prairie Grove Tigers won the third set 25-21. We played very hard all three sets and we had to win the fourth set to be able to keep going. We started going through the motions instead of playing our hardest that last set. We ended up losing to the Farmington Cardinals; 25-12.

It has been a great season so far. 2 wins and 1 loss for the Prairie Grove Tigers.