The Keddie Cabin Murders

On April 12th 1981 the Sharp family slept in cabin 28, but in the morning a horror was revealed that a small town like Keddie, California would never imagine.  Four people who were staying in the cabin were brutally murdered.


Sue Sharp was a single mother of five. She had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and moved to Keddie with her kids. She had made friends with her neighbor, Marylin Smartt. Their kids where all friends. 

The night of the murder Shila Sharp, the oldest duaghter, stayed at her friends house next door. The people who were left in the house where Sue Sharp, Johnny Sharp, Johnny’s friend Dana Windgate, Tina Sharp, Greg Sharp, Rick Sharp, as well as Justin Smartt. Although when Shila arrived home from her sleepover, she saw her mom, Johnny, and Dana, all bound by electrical wire and killed with so much force that the blood splatter went all the way to the ceiling and all over the walls. Tina Sharp was missing from the scene, but Greg, Rick and Justin were asleep and safe. The weapons that police found was a bent steak knife, a blooded butcher knife, and a claw hammer. Tina’s skull was later found on the third anniversary of the murder from an anonymous phone call to the police. It was found 50 miles from Keddie. The strange thing about this phone call is that the caller specifically identified the skull as Tina’s. 

Surprisingly there were only 2 suspects, Marty Smartt and his roommate Bo Boubede. As for a motive, Marty was married to Marylin. Reportedly their marriage was shaky and Marty was reportedly an abusive husband. There are also reports of Sue guiding Marylin throughout her marriage and helping her out of that situation. When Marty found out about Sue helping his wife to get away from him he reportedly went ballistic, Suspiciously he left to Reno, Nevada after the murders. The police said that the amount of damage that was done was had to of been done by two people, hence why Bo was thrown into the suspect list. Might I add Bo is also an ex-con. 

The case strangely stopped there, and there is much speculation that the police did a cover up.

In 2013 the case was reopened and new information was discovered that had been looked over by the police of the time. The case was reopened by the current Sheriff Greg Hagwood and  an investigator Mike Gambert. The first new development was discovered when Mike was organizing some boxes of case reports and stumbled upon a letter that was from Marty and was sent to Marilyn soon after the murders. In the letter the jist of what he said was, “I killed four people for you but its still not enough to win you back?”, but the killing could be metaphorical. Another thing found was a recording of the anonymous phone call, which they are now comparing them to old voice memos of the suspects. To add to those they also found out that a therapist in Reno that was visiting with Marty had heard him to confess to all of the killings.