Bloc Party to Go On Tour For Their Debut Album ‘Silent Alarm’ That Was Released In 2005

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By Audrey Smith


Most people don’t know who the band Bloc Party is. Just saying, if you are one of those people, you should most definitely check them out. They are of the Indie Rock/ British Rock perspective. The band announced a short upcoming tour in September. They will play six concerts in the U.S. starting in Washington, D.C., and will then travel up the East Coast to Philadelphia, Boston and New York before coursing towards L.A. 

The “Silent Alarm” album features tracks such as “Banquet” and “Like Eating Glass”, which are both in their top five tracks. The members of the band are Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Louise Bartle, Justin Harris, and Gordon Moakes to make an absolutely amazing sound. Their melodic sounds are uniquely formed with the astounding amount of members in the band. They have five members now, but at one point had seven total members. The band Cults will be with Bloc Party for the continental U.S. tour. Bloc Party tweeted on August 14, 2019 that they are  “Over the moon to be welcoming the brilliant @CultsCultsCults and our friend @IAMPLX on the road for our Silent Alarm shows in the US this fall.” 

The upcoming tour will be an exciting collaboration between the three bands and it’ll come together nicely. I highly recommend this band to anyone and everyone. They have a sound reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie, The Arctic Monkeys, and Just Jack all combined into one band. Interpol is also a band that is similar. Interpol toured with Bloc Party in 2004 to show their support of the Silent Alarm album pre-release. More similar bands are The Strokes, The Killers, and Two Door Cinema Club. 

In 2005, the rock genre was peaking in interest, which was a great time to release an Indie Rock album. Tons of British Rock albums were also released during the early 2000s. Bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, The Temper Trap, and Franz Ferdinand came out with some awesome tracks back in the day. Around the release time, music of this genre was popping out of the woodworks like wildfires. Now, most of these bands tour for their older albums because those were the albums that received the most recognition. Some duos like Peter Bjorn & John, Matt & Kim, and The Hives released singles instead of full albums because they were only good at writing one song at a time. These bands primarily sold their singles, but eventually these artists sold full albums. 

Bloc Party has released fifteen albums between 2004 and 2016 but their most popular album has remained Silent Alarm. Silent Alarm has a total of thirteen songs. All of these songs have their own vibe but they’re all great tracks, you can listen to them in any situation. If you’re like me and you relate to music with each thing you do, the album definitely is amazing. The album starts at $7.56 on Amazon which isn’t too expensive. This is a crown jewel album, so if the band wanted to they could easily make it a $25 album if they wanted to. 

This band is absolutely amazing, in my opinion. If you’re interested in going to one of their shows, you’ll be looking at out of state expenses and tickets at about $50 just for admission. If you can’t attend one of the shows, check out their music on Spotify or on YouTube. You hopefully won’t regret it.