Lara Spencer: The Times are Changing

On Thursday, August 22, 2019, Good Morning America host Lara Spencer made a comment about Prince George and his love for ballet. She was reporting on how the prince plans to take ballet in school when she said “We’ll see how long that lasts.,” and then laughed. After the segment aired, people started slamming her all over social media saying that her comment was rude and she knew nothing about what it takes to be a dancer. She then posted an apology saying that the comment was insensitive, and that people should be able to pursue whatever hobby  they want despite their gender. 


Monday, August 26, 2019 she made another public apology on the air while people protested outside. She said that over the weekend she had the opportunity to meet and talk with 3 male dancers. She got a chance to hear their stories and understand the bravery that it takes to pursue a career in dance, especially as a male. While airing her apology some dancers put on a performance outside, as a way to take a stand against bullying.


Peter Stark, former New York ballet dancer, believes that Spencer may not have meant to do any harm, the damage had already been done. He said that as a young boy he was ridiculed and made fun of in school, even the teachers would make fun of him. He had a math teacher that would give the other students permission to make jokes about his love for dance. People should be able to pursue whatever hobby or career they want without being mocked by others. 


Personally I am not a dancer, nor will I ever be, but I know that we live in a world where some people are afraid to be who they are for fear they will be mocked and ridiculed. If you love doing something you should be strong and just do it. The times have changed and many different people enjoy doing different things despite their gender.